Dr. Kerry Spackman

Winner of the 2009 KEA World Class Award for Creative Thinking, Kerry is one of those rare polymaths who can operate at the highest international level in multiple disciplines. He has a unique ability to make complex topics simple and engaging.

The Winner’s Bible

The Number 1 Bestselling book which helps you to “Rewire your Brain” for permanent change. Based on Kerry’s highly successful work with Olympic Gold Medallists, Formula 1 Champions, Drug Addicts, and Business people – Kerry shows why most ‘Self Help’ Books don’t work and why you need to use “Tools” rather than follow “Rules” to succeed in all aspects of life. New & updated edition to be released by Harper Collins in June 2012.

Visit the Winner’s Bible Website www.winnersbible.com

The Ant and the Ferrari

Dr Kerry Spackman takes on the biggest questions that have puzzled mankind and answers them in his engaging and easily accessible manner. A genuinely uplifting book that will almost certainly change your own beliefs on:

  • Is there such a thing as Absolute Truth?
  • Which Beliefs and Philosophies of Life match reality and which don’t?
  • Is there life after death and can we ever know?
  • What caused EVERYTHING – including the Big Bang?
  • Is there a God?
  • What is the Meaning of Life?
  • How can we genuinely change Society for the better?
  • Ethics

Learn how to master Philosophical tools that allow you to look beyond your natural human limitations and see the hidden Fabric of Reality with new eyes. To be released by Harper Collins in June 2012.

Visit The Ant and the Ferrari Website www.antandferrari.com

Hollywood Movie

As you can imagine, this is ‘Top Secret’ until the final ‘Green Light’ is given, but if initial feedback is anything to go by, this film has all the hallmarks of a genuine Hollywood Blockbuster.

GoldMine Director

Kerry is Director of the GoldMine which develops ‘cutting edge’ technology (electronics /
mathematics) for New Zealand’s elite Olympic athletes as part of the New Zealand Government’s High Performance Sport NZ program.